About Us

What is Klinik? - clin-ic [klin-ik] - noun – a facility, often associated with a medical establishment run by several specialists working in cooperation and sharing the same facilities. Klinik is a health collective that shares a common vision of how different healing modalities can co-exist under one roof, to best help heal people. By seeing patients as individuals and recognizing that ... Read More


  Jennifer Jellis, Registered Acupuncturist Jill Harvey, Registered Massage Therapist Katherine  Burroughs Couch, Registered Massage Therapist Donna Hudon, Registered Massage Therapist Ramesh Narine, Registered Massage Therapist Linda Lalande, Registered Massage Therapist Claudette Varley, R.N., BSN, NIS practitioner Dr. Eric Vermander, Chiropractor Dr. Carmen Tanaka, Naturopath Pardeep ... Read More


  Here is a list of services available at Klinik.   Click on the service for more information. Neurological Integration System (NIS/neurolink) Registered Acupuncture Registered Massage Therapy Chiropractic Active Release Technique – ART Naturopathic ... Read More